My first Birchbox

So o broke down and added Birchbox to my monthly beauty box, I’ve been putting it off because I see photos of what people get and I just haven’t been excited about what I see. I’m definitely not excited about my box and will probably cancel it. Here’s what I got.





10 thoughts on “My first Birchbox

  1. I feel the same, leah! My sister had it last year and wasn’t happy, she would just get samples and samples and things would pile up all over the house and she really wasn’t happy with the things she ever received. i don’t think the “quiz” they make you take makes much of a difference either.

  2. At least with the review points its like $5 for the box a month so a dollar an item is good. And after a few month you can redeem something you want in birchbox with points

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