Very first FOTD ( Face of the day) πŸ’„

So if you follow my blog you know I try to hide my face in my ootd posts by putting my phone near it when I take my ootd picture. I’m not a fan of how I look in photos and never know where to look in a selfie picture. Do you look away? Do you look at the camera? I really don’t know. Lol anyways I tried so here are a few photos of me looking all over lol. This may be the first and last FOTD.








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Have a Beautiful Day πŸ’‹


16 thoughts on “Very first FOTD ( Face of the day) πŸ’„

  1. Leah you have such a beautiful face! You need to show it WAY more often! I love this post! ❀ xo

  2. You look adorable! Great make up, I’d really want to see a pictorial or a video showing your make up routine! Keep the FOTD posts!

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