“Beauty” leg shine 💗

I live in dresses and shorts most of Spring and Summer. I love having nice shiny legs so throughout the years I’ve found some amazing products to help me achieve the perfect leg shine!

Bronze lotion: Victoria’s Secret $15
Rockin’ Body Leg Shine: Victoria’s Secret $12
Bathina: Benefit $30

So my first step is mixing a small amount of the bronze lotion with my regular lotion (I use different ones) I use an even part of both rub all over your legs until they are dry. Second step I use Bathina it’s a silky glimmering body balm that comes with a buffing pad. I rub this on the front of my legs it gives a beautiful glow. Step 3 I use my Rockin’ body leg shine stick and I roll it over the front and back of my legs where I want that extra shine.

This takes about 3 minuets total to do all of these steps and at the end you have beautiful legs and can feel super amazing about your legs all day!




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